classic craftmanship and leading edge technology

We provide high integrity products and services where classical engineering meets leading edge technolgy.

Flowpro Group LLC, based in Houston, Texas, USA is an independent provider of engineering products and services.

Flowpro Group LLC performs studies for the oil and gas industry in the areas of reservoir and production engineering, well productivity optimization and well design. Current development projects are software for multifractured well performance analysis and design optimization, new technology for multifracturing horizontal wells and autonomous well inflow control.

We have PhD level petroleum engineering staff with 25 years of management, supervision, engineering, R&D and business development experience in the areas of reservoir engineering, reservoir management, advanced well technology, production optimization, subsea oil and gas transportation systems, technical programming and design. We are equipped to solve problems by taking an idea through the entire process to become a useful solution in the field.

Flowpro Group staff was the original inventor of ICD (downhole, static inflow control devices) sand screen technology, now offered by all major service companies. We have also originated theory for several commercially successful, fully coupled reservoire and wellbore simulators to be used for optimization of inflow assurance and well performance optimization.

Flowpro Group LLC is currently working on novel, ground breaking concepts to further advance multi fractured well and phase selective inflow control technology.